Reach Your True Potential

Verify your achievements and abilities. Rank your skills locally and globally. Earn badges, gear, tickets, and points by exploring local learning opportunities. Boost your earning potential, get your dream job, and create a personalized learning schedule to achieve your ideal lifestyle in record time.

Your Dream Employer Can’t Find You. Opportunities Pass You By Every Day.

Success depends on spreading your story, displaying your skills, and proving your ability to create value. This means making yourself easy to find, quick to understand, and completely trustworthy. Yet resumes, social profiles, and even references can be falsified in seconds and only provide a limited view of who your are and what you’ve done (even when accurate). Even degree programs don’t say much about what you’re capable of, as school success is largely detached from real-world ability – the only thing that really matters.

The Salary and Career You Deserve,
The Skills Top Employers Need

You want the highest salary and greatest workplace potential, employers want the best skills money can buy. RebilderRank is the first reputation platform based on real-world ability, demonstrated intelligence, and the most reliable indicators of future success. One glance and employers will know exactly what you’re capable of and what you’re worth.


Tools to analyze your skill, find potential opportunities, and chart your future

  • Personal Portfolio – Display your real-world achievements, projects, skills, and real-time learning progress.
  • Local and Global Rank – Location-based skill ranking.
  • Life Planner – A personal, step-by-step guide to overcoming your weaknesses, maximizing your strengths, and understanding the exact skills and abilities you need for your ideal career and lifestyle.
  • Opportunity Finder – Discover where your skills are valued most to find the best jobs, highest pay, and top workplace conditions for your ambitions, personality, and ideal lifestyle.
  • Secret Job Searches & Total Privacy – Restrict identifying info from your profile to be available to recruiters anonymously.

Earn points, badges, and a local/global rank from verified accomplishments, abilities, and experiences

Earn credit for each time you improve yourself, pass a significant milestone, or achieve success relating to your hobbies, professional life, or personal goals

Unlimited Opportunities to Boost Your Rank

  • Schools, Universities, & Professional Organizations – Prominently display your degrees, awards, classes, and professional certifications – all verified via blockchain.
  • Local Experts – Top experts around the world oversee personalized skill and knowledge tests to verify your ability.
  • Challenges, Competitions, & More  – Rebilder hosts special events for prizes, badges, points, and free gear.
  • Local Experiences – Visit one of our local partners and to earn points towards your rank, specialized badges, and more.
  • Rebilding Excellence – Watch as ambitious young professionals work their way from amateur to expert, before turning the TV off to do it yourself at thousands of locations across the world.
RebilderRank Map

Guaranteed Job Offers for Students,
Guaranteed Skills for Businesses

RebilderRank integration with RebilderX, RebilderU, and RebilderLS enables us to create learning experiences and curriculums that are so much more effective at creating independent ability, deep knowledge, and highly productive individuals that we guarantee employment to those who meet our minimum requirements and guarantee those employees to firms who first hire them.


Instantly Identify Top Talent Inside Your Company and Around the World

  • Instant Search – Sort through millions of local and global candidates in just seconds
  • True Talent Algorithm – Describe the position and responsibilities and we’ll instantly match it to the most qualified candidates with the highest potential for success by analyzing past behavior, size of accomplishments, speed of progression, skills, personality, education, and more.
  • Promotion Suggestions – Not sure who to promote? RebilderRank will compare all your employees alongside the best outside candidates to help you decide who has the largest chance for success in that position.
  • Instant Alerts – Get alerts when new candidates that match your requirements are looking for new opportunities (including anonymous searchers)